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Aligned and Thriving Podcast | Strategies for Work Life Balance

Judith Bowtell | Career Development for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Welcome to Aligned and Thriving, your premier resource for inspiration and guidance to elevate your career development and personal development journey from challenge to triumph. If you've ever felt drained at work or struggled to stay focused amidst life's demands, you're not alone.

Hosted by Judith Bowtell, a former corporate leader turned career development coach, this podcast empathizes with the quest for work life balance. Drawing from her own midlife crisis and extensive client experience, Judith advocates for integrating work life balance as a core value, not just another task on the agenda.

Tailored for those juggling work, family, health, caregiving, and the complexities of modern life, Aligned and Thriving shares stories of resilience. Judith's own narrative, marked by setbacks and personal struggles, exemplifies the profound impact of achieving equilibrium.

Join us to explore the intricacies of work life balance beyond conventional self-help methods. Aligned and Thriving features in-depth conversations with mentors who have conquered long-term balance, including professionals who pursued unconventional paths, educators who became entrepreneurs, and individuals who carved out personal time within the traditional work structure.

Uncover how a life aligned with your principles can be both invigorating and empowering. This podcast offers more than just quick fixes—it provides the compassion, insight, and encouragement essential to not only survive but thrive in both your professional and personal spheres.